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September: Beat and Rhythm

            Introduce myself, especially to those students new to the school

            Concept Lessons: From the 2nd grade book!

                        U.1, L.3-ta, ti-ti (SBMM pg 12)

                        U. 1., L. 5 - rhythm patterns (SBMM pg 16)

                        U.2, L 2, - rhythms (SBMM pg 44)

                        U.3, L. 3 - bar lines and measures (SBMM pg 82)

            Instrument family - strings

            Performer - Yo-Yo Ma

            Movement/Games - Tideo

            Listening - Bach

            Songs: Autumn songs, The Music Staff (StM 1st), Freight Train, A Ram Sam                             Sam, Waddaly Atcha, Grandma’s Farm


October: Melody

            Concept Lessons: U. 1, L.7 - Pitch pg 20

                        U.1, L.8- Direction of Pitch, pg 24

                        U.1, L.9 - Sol-mi-la, pg 26

                        U. 2, L. 7 Sol-mi-la, do pg 36

                        if time U. 3, L8 - add re, pg 56

            Instrument family - woodwinds (U.5, L9 - 3rd - Flutes of the World, 3rd Gr book)

            Listening - Chopin

            Movement/Games - Pizza, Pizza

            Songs: Halloween songs from 2nd grade book, plus Leatherwing Bat, Take Me

                        Out to the Ball Game (around the World Series time), Billy Boy,

                        Chickery Chick


November: Form

            Concept Lessons:

                        U.2, L. 5  (2nd grade book) - Form pg 52

                        U.1, L.6- (2nd grade book) Call and Response - pg 18

                        U.2, L.5 (3rd grade book) Call and Response - pg 58

                        U.6., L.5 (3rd grade book) Rondo - pg. 210

            Instrument family - brass (U. 5, L 10 - brass family, 3rd grade book)

            Listening - Delibes’ Coppelia

            Movement: A Turkey Named Burt

            Songs: Thanksgiving Songs from 2nd and 3rd books), Michael, Puff, Clear the

                        Kitchen, and Old Dan Tucker (preparing for game in Jan)


December: Expression

            Concept Lessons:

                        U.2, L. 1 (2nd Grade book) - Tempo pg 42

                        U. 1, L.1 (3rd Grade book) - Dynamics pg 7

                        U. 5, L1 (3rd grade book) Dynamics pg 162

                        U. 2, L.1 (3rd Gr Book) Tempo pg 50

            Instrument Family - Percussion, unpitched and pitched

            Listening - Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker

            Songs: Christmas and Hanukkah from both books, Lil Liza Jane pg. 140


January: Harmony

            Concept Lessons:

                        U. 1, L. 12 (3rd) Ostinato (harmonic) pg 34

                        U.1, L.11 (3rd) Rounds pg 36

                        U. 2, L. 11 (3rd) Echo pg 76

                        U. 4, L. 11 (3rd) Partners pg

            Instrument: Culminations:

                        Disney’s Peter and the Wolf

                        Book: Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead       


February through June: repeats the above for a different group, changing seasonal songs of course