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September: Big Band and Swing

            Introduce myself, especially to those that are new to the school

            Concept Lesson: U. 3 Introduction, SBMM 5th, pg. 82-85

                        U.9, L.2 - SBMM 5th, pg 336-337

            Listening: Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald

                        SBMM 5th pg 339, 341

            Movement: The Jitterbug, Swing

            Special Activity: Video: “Sounds of the Big Bands”

            Songs: “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” SBMM 5

                        “Hit Me With a Hot Note” pg 112


October: Musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein

            U. 3 - Introduction, SBMM 6th pg 72

            SBMM 5th - pg 39 - Rodgers and Hammerstein

            Sound of Music, King and I, Oklahoma

            Movement: Typical dance moves in musicals

            Special Activities: Video clips from those movie musicals

            Songs: “Oklahoma” MM5 pg 36

                        “A Brand New Day” MM6 pg 7

                        “Give My Regards to Broadway” MM6 pg 39

                        “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” MM6 pg 73

            Seasonal songs: “Addams Family” MM5

                        “Purple People Eater” MM6


November: American Folk Music

            The Seegers - MM5 pg 99, 380

            Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan - MM5 - pg 384-5

            Odetta - MM5 - pg 394

            Peter, Paul and Mary - my stuff

            Movement: “Boots of Shining Leather” if time

            Special Activities: videos that go with these

            Songs: “Mr Tambourine Man” MM6

                        “Blowing in the Wind” MM5

                        “Turn Turn Turn” MM5

                        “If I Had a Hammer” MM5

                        “Don’t You Hear the Lambs” MM5

                        “Joshua Fit the Battle” MM5

                        “Home on the Range/Live in the City” MM5


December: Rock n Roll

            Concept Lessons: U.9, L.8 pg 356-359

            Richie Valens - MM5

            The Coasters - MM5

            Lennon and McCartney - MM5

            Sly and the Family Stone - MM5

            Elvis Presley - MM6

Movement: The Twist, The Jerk, The Monkey

Special Activities; Beatles video, Elvis Video

Songs: Many seasonal

            “La Bamba” MM5

            “Yakety Yak” MM4

            “There’s a Place” MM5

            “Hound Dog” MM5

            “Rock n Roll” MM6

            “Birthday” MM6 (Beatles)


January: Country and Others

            Lee Ann Rimes - MM5

            Alabama - MM5

            Others - MM5 pg 351

            Carole King - MM5

Movement: Line Dance

Songs: “Lift Every Voice and Sing” MM5

            “Abraham Martin and John: MM6

            “Green Green Grass of Home” MM6


February through June: repeats Sept through January with a different group. Any references to seasonal stuff is changed to reflect the season.