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Description of moves:


Tap sticks – above head, in front, by knees, at sides, tap while making circle

Flips – a tap with flair (tap R on L, then L on top of R, then R on L, etc)

Circle in air – point sticks to ceiling, draw a circle with sticks always pointing up

*Windshield wipers – should be self explanatory

*Crissy crossy’s – bend elbows and point sticks in air. Arms cross each other.

*Hammer – one stick is the hammer, the other is the nail – but don’t let the nail go down!

*Roly poly – sticks wind around each other

Statue of Liberty – one stick up, then the other

*Choo-choo – sticks point forward, then make them go around like they’re train wheels

Whistle blow – reach up with one stick and “pull the whistle”

The Wiggle – with sticks up, wiggle down to a squat and then back up again

*Tornadoes – with sticks pointing to ceiling, whirl each like it’s a tornado – going down,

            Then back up

Baton twirl – (2nd’s only) Both sticks, turn with one hand, catch with other.

*Body Builders = hold both sticks together “overhand”. Sticks go down to waist then back

            To the shoulder level, or above head and back to the shoulder level

*Drive – sticks still together overhand, pretend they’re a steering wheel.

Pass – pass both sticks around the waist. Older kids can pass under each leg.



Entire routine:


Tap sticks to beat: (100 beats) 16 cts up, 16 cts front, 8 cts down, 8 cts front, 8 cts up, 8 cts down, 8 cts side, 4 front. (Older kids can make 2 circles and go up and down on the last 32 beats). 


Flip: 16 cts.


Hammer – (this is done in 8th notes) – Hammer with right hand 16 beats, hammer with left hand 16 beats,  then with right hand again 16 beats


Roly poly – (48 cts) When there is a scale going up and down in the music, the roly poly must travel high into the air and back down each time for older kids (2nd).


Statue of Liberty – 32 counts done as follows: one arm at a time, done on the half notes (ta-ah, up, ta-ah down, repeat), then one arm at a time on quarter notes, finally changing each arm.


Up/down: Both arms up, hold 4 cts, down 4 ct, up 4 cts, down 4 cts, up 2 cts, down 2 cts, up 2 cts, down 2 cts, up 1, down 1, up 1, down 1


Windshield wipers – 16 counts back and forth


Crissy crossies – 16 counts


(by this time you should be on the Dumbo circus “train” type music)


Choo choo  - 16 cts wheels go forward


Whistle – 8 cts


Choo choo – 16 cts front, 24 counts reverse (weird!)


Wiggle – 16 counts


Tornado – 16 counts


Bring the sticks together above head, bring down in front, then grab in a Body Builder hold.


Body Builders – 32 counts (for younger kids we go 8 down, 8 up 1st’s work into 4 down-4 up type pattern; 2nds do 2 down 2 up and eventually work into “singles”


Drive – just before the music starts to waiver off, and Elliott the dragon starts “talking”, you should be into the Drive and the Pass. 



Note: I don’t necessarily use all these titles of the moves. Kids know * titles.