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Donna's Music teacher files

Photo Album scrapbooks

For the Music Teachers


Silver Burdett's Making Music Third Grade

Third Grade Plans

Second-Third Grade Combo Plans


This is a text file for Music teachers. It is a monthly, one-semester plan to cover many basic California standards for Music education in a short period of time. Included is the Concept of the Month, lessons from Silver Burdett's California edition for that concept, a Composer of the Month, listening lessons, Special Activities, Regular Songs that I use, as well as Seasonal Songs. This is third grade. The second file is for a second/third grade combination class, also one semester. It combines the best of the second and the third grade curricula, using both Silver Burdett books.


Silver Burdett's Making Music Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Plans


As for the third grade, this file contains the basics plus what I hope to cover in Recorder. Bear in mind, I tend to overplan!


Silver Burdett's Making Music Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Plans

Fifth/Sixth Combination Class Lesson Plans


This is the fifth grade version of the previous two files. The second file is for a fifth/sixth grade combination classroom, taking the best and most important concepts and combining them so that no one repeats much of what happened before (or will repeat it the following year.)


Silver Burdett's Making Music Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Plans


This is the sixth grade version of the previous files, however, it is not done month by month.

Macmillan McGraw Hill's Share the Music Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade 20th Century Unit Plan, in Brief

A brief unit plan for 6th grade, one semester, covering the highlights of popular and serious music for the 20th century.

Other Combination Class Lesson Plan Files

Kindergarten/First Grade Combo Plans
First/Second Grade Combo Plans

Possibilities for Upper Elementary Choir Use

List of Choir Songs

A list of possibilities for Choir, from Silver Burdett's Making Music and Music K-8 magazines

Donna's Rhythm Stick Routine

Choreography notes for Donna's rhythm stick routine, done with K-2 to the music of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Donna uses the 1994 CD, "Music of Disneyland and Walt Disney World".

Uses for Scarves in the Elementary Music Classroom

Ideas from many of the Music teachers on's Music Teacher Chatboard, about scarves.

Donna Meets Peter Yarrow and Noel "Paul" Stookey

Donna has met and sung with Peter Yarrow (of the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary) on three occasions in 2007, 2008, and 2009. She has also met Noel "Paul" Stookey, of the same trio, in April 2009. Here are photos.

Article - Meeting Peter Yarrow

Article - Meeting Peter again in April, 2009
Meeting Peter Yarrow, November 12, 2009
Article - Meeting Noel "Paul" Stookey in April, 2009